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Health Clinic with Dt. Smriti (Diet Advisor and Health Maintainer)

Diet Mantra; A Natural health clinic to solve health problems in a natural way and without any medicine. We have serve in this field for many years and we try our best to solve the health problem of the concerned people with our knowledge and experience. Diet Mantra team always work for people’s healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

To make people healthy and happy. Helping people to regain their loose confidence and get back to their normal life.

Our Goal

Reduce your health problems without medicine and with natural way; which will improve your immunity and reduce disease power.

Dt. Smriti

Counsler Nutritionist and Diet Advisor.

Mr.Tahil Garg

Advisor and Marketing Executive

Our Services

Weight Loss

There are many people who are over- weight and want to reduce weight but don’t want to go gym and don’t have time for exercise, so don’t worry we have a healthy solution for your problem, we have individualized diet plan that will help you to reduce weight and become slim and fit effortlessly and effectively. If you follow out diet plan you can reduce upto 15 kgs in just 4 months. our diet plan contains all the essential nutrients and it is quiet healthy and as well as tasty.

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Weight Gain

There are many people who eat sufficient food but are unable to gain weight. That might be due to various reasons like eating disorders, genetics, and hormonal dysfunction, that can prevent them from gaining weight. Being underweight can affect your physical and mental health.Don’t worry, we have the best diet plan for weight gain. Since you will be consuming high-calorie, nutrient-dense foods, you will not be able to consume many of them in one go. Small amounts of food at frequent intervals will keep you energetic and proactive.

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Diabetes Control

If you have diabetes, you should need a healthy-eating plan that helps you control your blood sugar, manage your weight and control heart disease risk factors such as, high blood pressure and high blood fats. If you eat extra calories and fat, there is a rise in blood glucose which leads to serious problems, such as high blood glucose level .You can keep this in safe range by making healthy food choices and improving your eating habits.

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Child Nutrition Diet Plan

In today’s world it is very important that the children should learn healthy eating habits such as vegetables,fruits, whole grain products and protein foods. Our diet plan is not just healthy but it is delicious too. Inspite of their 3 meals a day. They often like eating variety of different snacks. So we will make sure that not only the food you serve at meals are healthy but also the snacks should be healthy and tasty.

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Cholesterol Heart Diet Plan

Cholesterol levels in the body are increased by eating animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy products. Although, eating large amounts of saturated fat can increase cholesterol levels in the body.Bear in mind that there are different types of cholesterol.While GOOD "HDL cholesterol" may be beneficial for your health,high levels of BAD "LDL cholesterol" particularly when oxidized, have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

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Metabolism Booster Diet Plan

The efficient way to increase your metabolism is by making some changes to your nutrition and lifestyle. Protein-rich foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts and seeds could help increase your metabolism. The metabolic diet, aims to change how your body metabolizes food. You don’t have to eat less because if you you’re not eating enough calories, it can cause your body to loose muscle mass, which will decrease the rate of your metabolism.

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Thyroid Weight Loss Plan

Manage your metabolism and control your weight by our individualized diet plan. Don’t delay, take our Thyroid Diet Plan now. Because of thyroid, people may experience tiredness, feeling cold, hair loss, weight gain, feeling down and many more symptoms. Hypothyroidism affects 1 to 2% of people worldwide and is ten times more likely to affect women than men.

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BP Control Diet Plan

We have individualized Hypertension (BP) Diet plan for you. Make better food choices for a healthier body. Eating a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits,vegetables,low-fat dairy products and cholesterol can help in keeping your BP low your blood pressure.There are several foods that people can eat to reduce high blood pressure and can improve the overall health.

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Women suffering from PCOD/PCOS are insulin resistant. Hence, they should follow the diabetic diet. The diet should be rich in fiber, contain low carbs and processed foods. Opt for foods with LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX-made from whole wheat, wheat flour, whole grains, brown rice, poha and wheat pasta. Polycystic ovary disease also called PCOD is a condition that causes problems with metabolism and hormonal imbalance. With one in every 10 women suffering from it, the condition is becoming common.

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